They remenber
On May, Saturday 29th 1943, around 13.30 hrs, sixty heavy bombers of 94th Bomber Group, high in the sky, flying towards north-south, flew over our village. They were attacked by german fighters. Two of them were hit ; one of them crashed near Miniac Morvan, the other one crashed in flames near the village of Calorguen, its pilot parachuted. He landed near the manor of Beauvais in Lanvallay after being wounded by germans soldiers who fired him as a american pilot. Witnesses remembered the insults of the german pilot. The sharp soldiers were certainly court martialysed because the pilot could be a Major who went the day after to visit his crash site with a breaked leg.

At 14.00 hrs, the formation went back from Rennes in our direction with the german fighters in their six hours. We heard clairly the tac-tac-tac of the machine guns. Tracer bullets were senn in the sky as fireworks sometimes near us.

The death of a schoolboy.

The master was with his deputy Miss Chatton and the schoolboys of two classrooms, near the " Butte aux Moulins " (Windmill Hill) to catch some Colorado beetle ; He remembered :
The schoolboys were affrayed and they were lying under an apple tree at the top of bank. The dog fight was terrefic ; eight or ten german fighters twirled around the bombers which flew in a perfect box formation and fired the attackers.
A lot a peasants were at work. All over the sky, the bulletswhistled. At Pleugueneuc school, a nearby village, the young Jean Briot was sitting in the classroom with the others boys. This very day, he didn’t want to go to school, may be a premonition ? A stary bullet rebounded off the window and killed the young boy. He prepared his communion for the next week.

The crash of the B.17.

Photo de l'avion...cliquez sur l'image pour l'agrandir Photo de l'avion...cliquez sur l'image pour l'agrandir

François Labbé, 19, was ready to go at work in the fields. A field near the crash site, some minutes late and François would be killed. The school master remembered :

Sundenly, we saw a bomber in trouble just over " La Poterie ", apart from the formation, flying in a steep nose-down with a plume of black smoke. Immediately, the bomber explosed in two : wings-engines, fuselage. The part wings-engines were in flammes, whirlling ; a lot of debris went down too. Some airmen were seen going down without parachute as arrow. Only one parachuted properly.

The cockpit and a piece of fuselage crashed at 300 meters from north-east of the village Maupertuis, in a field of the Rouvraie farm named as " Les Grands Béziers ". A fire blazed brightly and a dark column of smoke rose up. The rest of the fuselage crashed 500 meters more east, in front of the farm of " Les Frais ".

Four german fighters flew around the crash site. They didn’t fire the only one american parachute who landed west of " Le Perroquet Vert " (The Green Parrot). He was amazed and lightly wounded in the head.

Miss Yvette Bouret, 17, witness of the dog-fight from her village of Evran approched quickly with her bicycle. She had only one whish in her mind ; arrived first and help the survivors with her english knowledge. But, faced the crash site, she was completely depressed. Denise Bouret lay some flowers near the fuselage. A german officer came and sayed to keep this flowers for the dead of Rennes !

Others french tryed to help the parachutist but the germans of the Dinan arrived first to PoWed the only one survivors of this B.17
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