The May 29 Committee
A small history for a great one
Everything started with a meeting between two Pascal, both of them having a passion for history, related here about planes which fell down upon our territory district during the last world war. An investigation was conducted which germinated that idea :

How about stacking up « three stones » to mark
the souvenir of this tragedy ?

We had an american aircraft shot down by the Luftwaffe in 1943 and another german plane shot down later, in 1944, by american AAD (antiaicraft defense), two war events which occured in the same district, only a few hudred meters farther : what a strange irony of history ?
And so much work to accomplish for these two local historians, joined rapidly by Laurent, a third fan.

With the help of appropriate records, the file progress very fast : witnesses, military documents, local newspapers, and Internet. Then comes the idea of a memorial stele which materializes.
The date of may 29th is immediatly reserved : « Memory for peace » will constitue our slogan, marking in the stone that tragedy memory to make young generations senistive against the horror of war, is indeed our target. Nevertheless, we dont’ want either forget all these civilian victims.

The project organisation requires sizeable means : as the meetings went by, our group got bigger, a call for donations is lauched. Mission successsful.

Meetings with witnesses, or more virtual thanks to the magic of Internet, have been as many sources of emotion as the authors intended to share with you through these pages.

It should not be forgotten here ! The human sacrifice of those young soldiers, enlisted for our freedom. In between suffering and fear, we guess among the « SNAFU » crew members a deep solidarity and friendship, which is well beyond differences that may exist between french and american nations.

May this enterprise contribute to it a little bit more.« May 29th Committee » board :
  • Pascal Lhermitte,
  • Pascal Lebigot,
  • Laurent d'Hondt,
  • Jacqueline Monnier,
  • Eric Henri,
  • Joël Renault,
  • Jean François Gilbert.
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