The dedication of the memorial

On 29th may 2003 a memorial named « Peace remembrance » was dedicated with relatives of crewmembers:

Sally and Roger Van Dyke Symmonds, nephew of Harry Symmonds,
Sherry and Ray Kaskey, son of Ray Kaskey of the original crew,
Jeannnette and Bob Koch, niece of E. Mc Coy.

A lot of authorities :

Gary A Clement, of the United States consulat,
Jacques Adelée, American military Cemetery of St James,
Jean Gaubert, député,
Didier Morel, conseiller général.

And others presidents of veterants associations, witnesses and residents of Les Champs Géraux.

After speaches of Mr le Maire, Georges Lucas, Gary A Clement and the député Jean Gaubert. Roger Van Dyke Symmonds spoke for the families gathered here just before the blessing of the memorial. Four children of Les Champs Géraux read a message of Peace (below) before put flowers in front of the memorial. Others children read the names of the military and civilian victims of Rennes and Pleugueneuc. This moment touched the crowd deeply.

The preparations

Speach of the children

You didin’t have gameboy or playsation when you were young but you had other games. As all the young adult in the world, the life just began and you had a lot of plans for future. But the war came.

You were never Daddy or Grand-Dad. Your relatives were touched in their hearts by your death there on this far land, our land, invaded by the madness of human.

Man is still the greatest predator on Earth but we, the young generation, must be aware because Peace is still weak.

« We are the children of your sacrifice ». We learnt it during our visit in the American Military Cemetery at St James. Now, we have to remember.
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